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O.K. here we go we have been saying for months now thats were going to do this run.. My Girls Softball All-Star team is done and It's now time to plan..

This is a 1 day run for those who choose and the others that want to party after feel free at my place!!! (SAt the 14th)

The event goes like this! North comes down and South goes up, East comes west. We will meet at I-5 and Hwy 12 (spiffys resturant or the Shell station 10:00am) dont matter same parking lot(East side of I-5)... After we meet up there we will then go East towards Randall and meet the folks Coming from the Eastern side of the state (Again The Shell Station there). Would like to be at Randall around 12:00 and then cruise the East side of Mt.St.Helens towards windy Ridge, Stop there for the View's then cruise the Mt's and Lake's (Swift, Yale,) When we reach Cougar we will take Hwy503 South toward Battle Ground were I will Have Burgers/ Dogs/ chips/ Watermellon at my Place.. THATS WHAT I WILL PROVIDE BUT THE BEER IS ON YOU ALL!!! Everbody is welcome to stay the night in tents on my Five Flat Acers or Book a room (5min) away at the Best Western in town. There will also be a bon-fire that Saturday night as well.

Any Questions P.M. me and if you need my # P.M. me...

Alright Collin will post the Map up soon... Again all are welcome and your Ladys too, try to give me a heads up on How many so I know how much food to Buy...

Thanks Everbody and lets ride....
Dave/Doberman :bigthumbsup:
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