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I have talked to a guy i know and this is the outcome so for everyone that has Yana Shiki risers that do not fit they are going to swap them for some that do.
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SEPTEMBER 15, 2010


I have great news, I've been hard at work discussing your concerns with the risers. It just so happens that with the help of your photos, the owner of the company that manufactures the risers, pulled all of them from the shelves and decided to have them adjusted. He said he would exchange yours for the new ones but it would be about a week to get the new ones in. I'm working out the details but I thought I'd let you know.

Like I've said, I'll do my best to help my customers. And thanks for sharing with me that this issue made it to the message boards. Looks like we can take credit for this change and post a victory.

I'll be in touch to work out the additional details.

Ray Wood
[email protected]

SEPTEMBER 10th, 2010

> The risers look sharp. As for the gap, I was told by the manufacture that the gap is normal. Apparently others have had similar concerns but its normal. I've also sold the additional tach housing to customers and haven't had any concerns with the gap.
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