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Arnott Motorcycle Air Suspension -- the leader in True Onboard Adjustable Air Suspension kits for motorcycles -- is pleased to announce the release of its 2018 Motorcycle Products Catalog.

The 20-page 10th Anniversary edition -- truly a 'Guide To Elevate Your Ride' -- features Arnott's Ultimate Ride Series and Smooth Ride Series of TruAir™ onboard adjustable air suspension kits for motorcycles. Click Here to download the 2018 Catalog now.

More Than 50 TruAir™ Air Suspension Kits

2018 marks Arnott's 10th year of providing motorcycle riders with high quality adjustable air suspension systems that not only lower bikes for stopping and parking but also improve ride quality, reduce bumps, and increase safety. From a humble beginning -- the line began with just one kit for Harley-Davidson® Touring models -- to today's offering of more than 50 different products for Harley-Davidson®, Honda®, Indian®, Kawasaki®, Suzuki®, Victory®, and Yamaha®, Arnott has become the trusted solution for TruAir adjustable air suspension kits for motorcycles.

Making Good Rides Into Great Rides

Arnott designs and handcrafts air suspension systems specifically for motorcycles, ensuring each product exceeds the highest standards in quality, functionality, and safety.

The Ultimate Ride Series not only lowers the motorcycle for ease and comfort, but is ideal for riders looking for exceptional ride quality, reduced bottoming, and the ability to ride longer without feeling 'beat up' by the road. The Ultimate Ride Series features include:

• FOX® Street Performance IFP Gas-Charged Monotube Shocks with an Internal Floating Piston

• Optimized Model-Specific Ride using FOX's proprietary high-flow, deflective disk, velocity-sensitive damping

• 1.5-Inch 6061-T6 Auminum Hard Body with a 1/2-Inch low friction, super-finished hard chrome shaft

• Multi-Ply Goodyear® Air Bladder for height adjustability and air spring firmness

• Powerful Compressor with application-specific mounting hardware

• Handlebar-Mounted Inflation Control Switch

• Optional Rebound Control to enable the rider to adjust the shocks' internal damping

The affordable Smooth Ride Series helps riders quickly adjust the bike's ride height for stopping, parking, or for that 'slammed' look. Smooth Ride kits provide an upgrade over stock shocks and are far superior in quality and safety compared to discount kits on the market. The Smooth Ride series features include:

• Monotube shocks engineered by Arnott® specifically for motorcycles to provide a sporty, stock-like ride at an affordable price
• A Multi-Ply Goodyear® Air Bladder to provide height adjustability
• A Micro-Compressor and Inflation Control Toggle Switch

The Arnott Difference Illustrated and Explained

The 2018 Catalog includes content and illustrations clearly identifying the differences between Arnott Motorcycle Air Suspension Kits and repurposed automotive castoffs, OE 'air-assisted' devices, and simple air canisters or cylinder shocks.
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