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This Christmas, I bought an Arnott Air Ride for my Honda VTX1800. This setup came highly recommended by Squirrel, who has the Arnott Air Ride on his bitchin' M109.

This kit differs from the M-109 kit in that it comes with two shocks. You replace the old shocks with the new and they come with new shock bushings.

Well, this weekend Squirrel and I installed the kit.


The bushings are too tight to go over the shock mounts. We sanded and sanded the bushings till we could force fit them on by using the bolt to press fit them on.

Then the sheit hit the fan.

Thought the fittings on the shock were the same as the one on the pump.

Just slid them in. Wrong! The little ferrule fell down into the shock.

Problem is, can't get the friggin' bushings off.

Had to buy a gear puller and modify it to pull the bottom ones off. But can't get to the top ones. So I cut the face off the top ones. Finally got the shocks off.

Took about an hour to shake the 1/8 " ferrule out off the shocks.

Then I broke a ferrule in half taking it off of the tubing.

So, I call Arnott. Talk to Bill in the Motorcycle dept... Ask why the bushings are so tight. He says they only have 1 kind for all the bikes. Says I need to hone them out.


$800 for the kit and they can't size them in their shop?

And it says nothing about it in the directions.

So I tell him about the ferrules and he says he can't send just the ferrules, but has to send the whole fitting.

Really? I ask him why he doesn't have a big bag of ferrules, and he says they come that way from Germany. He says he will ship me 2, no charge.

Well, that's a little better, Said thanks and started to wait for delivery.

One hour later, Robert from Arnott calls and said he gets in trouble for sending the fittings out for free, so he is going to have to charge me for them.

$18. EACH. Plus $8 shipping!!!!!!!!!!

I went ballistic. Told him to forget it, I'll just return the kit. He says he'll let me have them for $5 each. What a deal.

So if you have a problem with your 5 year guaranteed Arnott Air ride, don’t expect squat from these jerks.

And if the air ride doesn't perform exactly as advertised, I'll cut off the bushings and send it back. And I’m sending a request for a new set of bushings.

Thanks for letting me rant

Over and out
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