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Are times posted for topics correct?

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Lamonster...i noticed when i posted a topic the time was about 6 hours off. Posted at around 2:15pm central time but it showed it as 8:30pm or so. Unless you live in Hawaii or something it doesn't add up.

Verify please.


p.s. by the way i posted this topic on the picture board by mistake so ignore that post.
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You can set your local time in your profile settings. Just click on the Profile tab, then select Look & Layout Preferences. On this page you will see a Time Format field and just below that a Time Offset field. All you need to do is modify the time offset field to either + or - the current forum time which is sitting just below this field.

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I just made this adjustment. Just follow directions above. + or - ever how many hours and hit enter and it's done.
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