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ANYONE that is thinking about getting one...you will love it!!

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I must say this bike is awsome ..handles great!! LOOKS GREAT!!!! FAST ...FAST.....TORQUE.....TORQUE....did i mention FAST!!!!!!!....Sounds Great .....COMFY!!!!! AFFORDABLE!!!!BEST BIKE FOR THE MONEY!!!!....even my harley friend rode it and said WOW!!! amazing he said i am impressed and that it flys and he could deffinately own one......also two guys dooing a roofing job on the block i was on at my friends house stoped and came over and said ...that bike is freakin sick what is it .....i said its a suzuki m109r ....guy was like i got a gsxr 1000 and i would get rid of it in a heart beat for that bike ...its beautiful....they all go to the back tire and say HOLY [email protected] cant believe how many people are interested in it!!!! all i can say is it is GREAT FUN!!!
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kewl.... :bigthumbsup:

i was at the local tire/exhaust shop in my cage today....(which i was up there earlier to ask a few questions, while on my 109)

anyway......when i got ready to leave, after they installed exhaust tips on my pickup,..the owner(?) ask me what kind of bike it was that i was on earlier, i told him...

he then ask if i'd come back by on it when i had time, that he'd like to get a closer look at it ...I told'em sure......never had that heppen with any other bikes i've owned... :D

It's a shame you don't get excited about the M109R :joke: Seriously, it is hard not to get excited when you own one of these babies huh???
ppridgen1 said:
You really going through the backlogs today huh :joke: :p...................................... :duck:
I stoped a a bike accessory/custom shop about 2 months ago and the two guys that run it really liked it. They even took a lot of pictures of it. The Firestone tire place next door brought over a croud of mechanics that had to get a close up of it as well. This bike gets raves every where I go! :p :bigthumbsup: :doorag:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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