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I have a Signal Dynamics Load Equalizer. I have two LED front turn signals (Not Kuryakyn). I went with the Adjure Beacon II - 40 LED Market lights - Amber and I am trying not to tap into the wire harness under the seat. Instructions just say to run one of the wires to the hot wire on the left turn signal, one wire to the hot wire on the right turn signal and the ground to the battery. Can I just do that and have it work? I was thinking of mounting it either where the tool pouch used to be (I have a tool bag now and moved the tools) or possibly putting the Load EQ in the headlight nacelle. What do the electrical guru's think?????

BTW - When the lights are hooked up, they do not flash at all. I checked the hookup with a meter first and they are hooked up correctly, but they do not flash at all. I thought maybe if they flashed fast, that would not be so bad as some have said they kind of liked that. Thanks in advance.
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