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Thanks for your concern. I do not think the heat is very high, and it can be turned off too. The Airforce brand actually markets theirs for pet dryers as well as a motorcycle dryer.

But I do appreciate the comment. I would not do anything that would hurt my girl. She's 8 1/2, and is recovering from a nasty bout with Lymes and Anaplasmosis right now. I hope to get a clean bill of health from the vet later today when results from the bloodwork come back.

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HP, I have 4 little fury family members...two Shih Tzus and two Cane Corsos. I wouldn't use heat to dry either of them. Old Towels (just for the dogs) work just fine. Also, it is not good to wash/bath dogs too often. It can cause them to have skin irritations from the essential oils being eliminated from their skin.

As for the bike...I hardly ever use water to clean my bike. The few times I did I blew the excess water off with my leaf blower immediately after rinsing it off from having been caught in the rain. Now I watch the weather report daily to make sure I don't get caught in the rain. If you are washing your bike I would think that blowing the excess water off with heated air is going to cause it to spot very badly. Also, the water could get into something electrical and cause it to malfunction.
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