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I know that a lot of people use leaf blowers to dry their bikes, and I may still go that route, but I am considering a heated dryer that I can use on both my bike and my Golden Retriever.

The Air Blaster has been around for a long time, but I am considering the "Air Shammy." Does anyone have experience with this company?
Depending on how hot of air, I wouldn't use anything heated on a Lab. Their skin and oils are too sensitive and you will severely dry them out and cause loads of dander. I always tied the dog up on the front porch until he was dry then used a leave in conditioner. He always had great hair and skin.:bigthumbsup:

This was Count. Our partner for many years. I think he was about 8 in this pic. Weighed out at 120. He was from a breeder in Kansas.
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