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Greeting Fellow Ohio 9'ers,

I have a question is there anyone here in the Northeastern Ohio Area that has installed accent lights on there 9's themselves? I recently had new pipes installed on my 9 and while I had it at the shop I had some accent lights installed.

I now have lights in and around the engine, from wheel and rear wheel. I what to add some additional lights in the rear of the bike to brighten the rear wheel and I was thinking of adding lights in the radiator.

What I am looking to do is give my bike just a bit more pop when it comes to my accent lights. What I need is help, I am fairly mechanically inclined but wiring...especially light is a little greek to me.

The lights that are installed on the bike are Street FX lights with remote control for on/off. The other question that I have is can you mix and match when it comes to accent lighting.

Thanks any help and or suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Take care stay safe and enjoy the ride!!!
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