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Read, ride, read somemore. Go to work , read, come home, read, sleep and start cycle all over again. Is this some new form of addiction? I never spent this much time on my computer in the past. Is there a cure??
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Sunshine, mild temps and vacation time will cure your addiction to the computer....
Just ride when you can....
Yes, Just take a sip of this coolade and everything will be better.
Trust me :evil:
does forgetting to stop and eat so you can ride on your lunch break count? or taking a shortcut home for an extra 90 miles?
Same addiction here! I think they have a 12 step program listed in one of these posts :joke:
I am currently going through withdrawals......
I left for a week of training (in my hotel room writing this @ 12:15AM) just 4 days and less than 200 miles after I picked ole Betty Blue...
Will it be wrong to go for a ride @ 11PM Friday when I finally get home????

I didnt think so either....

I have the same problem i work away from home everyweek and when i get home its not to see family its throw the helmet on and see how fast i can get the beast out the driveway. I think i need help. no i just need to ride and ride hard
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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