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A Machine… that is "SEXY"

This would probably be a strange statement from me.. ;)

but, this machines, from the rear view,
has the curvature that reflects with that nature of a woman’s graceful body build,
From a rear view, the massive rubber that is such an allure to look at,
a sleek over view from the side or from the front.. It’s.. Simply “Beautiful"

I've been looking at it all weekend, and all desires came together and ...
They did agree. so I bought it.
It's immediately responsive, purrs with the sweetness of a baritone sax, followed by a tuba..
A gentle vibration, but a snap to attention at the slightest touch ...
and it's ready to go..
Smoothing out.. To be something of exhilaration...
I think it's purely astounding..
Yes... I like it... very much...

Like a chorus of French Horns announcing the adventures of the roadway…
and the melody of a view of the elements of nature..
Like a tenor saxophone
Touching the very soul.. of living..

The, Suzuki "M109R" `Boulevard `
A Cruiser
The Open Mind.. Unto Life

and, it's truly that !!!!

Added a faring to the front, it makes the ride more enjoyable.. because it controls the wind.. inside the faring, I'm having the speaker's installe and a mount for IPOD.. and amp tucked in there.. " got my faring from" extremeRevolutions" via net, located in San Diego.. outlined the tak with chrom wheel guard, and also highlighted the curve lines with it.. it looke's great in the sunlight.. had alarm added, and now will add running light.. at the foot peg screw point. I like the look of it better without the "back" seat.. also added saddle bags.. I like the emblem on the side of the tank.. thinking about drilling the muffler around the exhaust exist.. but it's actually enough noise when cruising..

rode it without the faring, and it's nice and exhilirating, but the bugs hit the face shield of the helment, and though I'm not a " rough rider type" so i'm not for all the wind in my face.. I like the shielded effect.. the faring for the 85095 ultra fits, but must be modified, so extremerevolution, had it.. it fits perfectly around the headlight.. I like it better than the all glass windshield.

One thing for sure.. it's not made for short turns.. and the throttle is very jerky as slow speeds, so I usually shift to 2nd, it's a bit less jerky in parking lot's and etc.. but at first it's scary trying to trun corner's with the throttle, so I coast thru the turn, and wait till i'm straight to accelerate..
Love the hughe back tire, but don't know if I like it exposed all the way up, by removing the licene-plate mounting unit..

the foot rest could use mini board rest and maybe tilt the break petal foreward.. at 100mph.. the foot raises up , which is not a good feeling for safety.

people are amazed at the " full side view appearance".. it sold me right away with the huge tire on the rear.

after riding this, my Ultra Classic seems slow, but also makes me appreciate it smoothness.. of the Ultra..
if they can get the jerky ness out of the throttle, and maybe something to deal with " road bumps" small bums are fine, but the large one will bring you off the seat..> I guess I'll have to try the Gel seat. and change the hand grips.. don't realy like the drag pipe look, it takes away from the "chromse effect of the stock bike" the stock one's give the affect appearance to the bike. of truly being custom designed as a factory model..

would like to consider the engine guards.. will have some nature of design on the front faring to blend it together.. and kind a break up the silver.. once the faring is painted..
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