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Short version....I found a deep (almost 5"!!!) pothole on H-1 in my Jaguar at around 65mph last weekend. Result?

2 bent factory rims, 1 blown tire, 1 tire I don't trust, 1 cracked foglight housing. Suprisingly, no suspension or body damage after a thorough inspection by the shop. Geico did me right on my first ever insurance claim. Almost $4,000 in damages.

Decided on getting aftermarket rims and replacing all 4 tires since the tires were coming due anyway. Here is the rim I'm going with, with Bridgestone tires. D'vinci Attivo's in 19 inch (factory size). Ordered new foglights (right side was all pitted, and got a deal on the pair).

A little $$$ left over, and some from saving for mods for the 9, ordered a Smuggler (I know, don't say it...:D), Sergio gave me a 10% discount for being Active Military, so I jumped on it. Also ordered a Irate Customs mesh grill, and a Chrome Chin Spoiler from MeanCycles( a little cheaper than Low & Mean).

So, the 9 gets a little bling as well as the Jag. My mailman is gonna hate me over the next 2-3 weeks. He is delivering rims, tires, and 4 other big boxes. Think I'll buy him a 6-pack when its all delivered. :bigthumbsup:
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