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kick ass slideshow man! holy @#$% 6 bucks a gallon for gas! i remember when it just barely touched 5 bucks a gallon here, and thought that was horrible! it was.. but 6 bucks is still worse!
If the heat don't kill you, the gas price will!

Death valley California.. In August of 2008 the temp. was 130 deg, with high desert cross winds and sand storms, even the water we carried was 90 deg...

4 hour trip and two gas stations 80 miles a part, one only took credit card that day, was not a fun experince.... then me and my brother got separeted and lost for a few hours, no cell signal until the next town, we ended up almost one hour a part and low on fuel.. barely made it to the gas station do to lack of water, he had the water the Gps and maps. Will never forget that day.

Dry lake, very hot and very windy!!

My brother and his C1400, that will be my next bike for this kind of touring!!

1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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