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1.) Use an acronym to start your title and be descriptive.

FS = For sale
WTB = Want To Buy
WTT = Want to Trade
Free = Free
OBO = Or Best Offer
FT = For Trade

For Example: Instead of your title looking like this - "Bike For Sale"

Let's make it look like this - "FS/FT - 2006 M109R"

This will make the classified forum easier to navigate for everyone and that always makes selling / buying easier.

Failure to comply will result in the thread being deleted.

2.) Be descriptive in your title.

Instead of saying "Parts"', say "Lowering Bones and Levers"

3.) Be descriptive in your actual thread!

List as much information as you can in your thread. The more information you give the quicker the sale will be! Provide a location and price for your item.


Post pictures up with your sale. It makes people be able to view what you are selling without having to ask for pictures. If you are selling a vehicle or any item over $100 pictures are required.

5.) Stay in touch with your own thread!

Don't post a FS thread and disappear from the forums.

6.) If you do not have anything to contribute to a thread, please don't post.

This includes telling people they can't/won't get what they want for something. Saying "I can find it cheaper on Ebay" etc. is also unacceptable, and your posts will be deleted. If you have a problem with the price someone is charging, send them a PM.

7.) Bump your existing thread to the top by replying to your own thread rather than creating a new one every few days.

The classifieds are for classifieds. Not discussion. Don't post unless you're interested in the product. Violation of this rule multiple times will result in bans up to and including permanent.

Due to legal regulations, no firearms or other deadly weapons are allowed to be posted for sale.

10.) No Ebay or Craigslist links unless the item is yours.
Others may be bidding on the item and they took the time to find it. If someone wants whatever the item is bad enough, they know where they can look.

11.) Don't PM the moderators if your thread gets deleted.
It was deleted for a reason. Read the rules, post accordingly, and all will be well. If you ignore the rules, the thread will be deleted.

The rules are here to make the use of the classified forums easier to navigate and use for everyone.

Thanks for reading and happy selling/buying/trading!
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