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Just wanted to put this out there, will admit last minute on my part. But My Wife and I are putting on our 1st. Fun raiser for the H/S Football team we started last year, It's @ the Jaffery NH. VFW this Saturday 10 April. from 6pm to Midnight. $10.00 per. Person, thats where were making our Money for our team, the cash bar goes to the VFW. I reallize it's a long way for alot of you, but for some quite close! And 20 bucks for a couple, WITH all kinds of food and 3-Bands + DANCING:eek: CHEAP NIGHT OUT, for you and yours. And after taking your better half out Saturday night for a good time, she won't mind that you ride all day Sunday:bigthumbsup:
And we are having our 2nd annual Poker Run in Augest!
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