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Gentlemen and Ladies:
Buy a 12" hole saw extension, grab your 1 1/4" hole saw, get your drill, save a $1000+ dollars (I'm Canadian, it all costs more up here) and change your bike from a lean mean machine to a straight-up mean machine. Wow! The low-end rumble is to die for. The bike sounds OK to good when it's stock, but 2 holes in both stock pipe baffles and it sounds fantastic. And the good news is, your neighbours (see, I told you I'm Canadian) won't hate you unless your revving hard.

Things I found / considered:
1. Two holes and it's basically a straight pipe. I read about someone cutting 3 holes and I'm not sure why (unless different years had different baffles).
2. Don't bother drilling a plethora of holes around the tailpipe exit. It looks dumb and it probably won't sound that much better. Plus, if you drill the circle of holes around the exit pipe, it's very obvious that you've tampered with the stock parts thereby voiding your warranty on a new bike. I personally hate the look of it too because it has the look of (forgive me for saying it but...) "I want an aftermarket exhaust but can't afford it". Of course, it's still voiding your warranty when you use a hole saw to cut put holes in your baffles, but it's not nearly as obvious and hopefully nobody catches it if your bike is getting looked at... actually, hopefully, you don't have issues with your bike it's inaugural year.
3. I took out the baffles instead of doing a full exhaust switch because of the servo unit. Suzuki built a machine with a computer that is constantly monitoring / adjusting backpressure for optimal engine performance. It made sense to keep that function in tact so that my machine will operate as it was intended to do.
4. It takes about 2 minutes to create great sound when you drill out the baffles but a full exhaust change could keep you busy for most of the day. Wouldn't you rather be riding?

Here is my YouTube Video of the change:
A couple things. This has been done since 2006 with a bunch of write ups. I have never heard of a dealer failing anyone under warranty from debaffling. The holes around sound better then not in my opinion. We tape off the pipes and pray black paint and you can't even see it.

Regarding the servo unit, you simply buy a servo buddy that tricks the ecu and you won't see a light and it doesn't effect the rest of your system. Not sure about up there but we have the Magnuson–Moss Warranty Act which protects us from warranty issues.
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