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Bought new in April 2010. Always kept in a heated garage. Never rode in the rain. Rigid suitcases can be removed in 2 minutes. The same goes for the windshield. Make your offer. Low ballers, don't waste your time, I'm in no rush for $$ and I love this bike. I have few photos because I changed cell and computer. He is currently resting in a heated garage
20200907_102330.jpg 20200907_102117.jpg

  • Harashi v front discs brakes
    [*]160 Metz front tire
    [*]Black front and rear wheel
    [*]Baron ganster fender match color
    [*]Chrome calipers
    [*]stainless braided brake lines
    [*]chrome fat forks
    [*]chrome levers
    [*]chrome brake reservoir
    [*]chrome triple tree
    [*]110 progressive suspension front springs
    [*]130 db air horn
    [*]led head light
    [*]OEM sport windshield
    [*]kuryakyn grips
    [*]Rivco chrome risers
    [*]Front chin scoop color match
    [*]Mesh chrome Radiator grill
    [*]T-rex chrome tank bezel
    [*]Rolland sands air intakes
    [*]Arnott air ride ( suspension arrière à l'air entièrement ajustable)
    [*]Shorty chrome kikstand
    [*]Chrome rear under brake
    [*]Galfer rear rotor v model
    [*]Spike cover for the front and rear hubs
    [*]Kuryakyn front foot pegs
    [*]Rivco floorboards passenger
    [*]Licence place relocator
    [*]Chrome driveshaft cover
    [*]Tsukayu black hardbags
    [*]OEM gel seats front and rear
    [*]OEM cover
    [*]2*OEM special edition leather jackets

20200907_102330.jpg 20200907_102117.jpg
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