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2009 baffle removal (gut) with pics

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So 4 hrs later I have one baffle out. On my 2009 I need a 3 inch hole saw and 1-5/8's or 1-3/4's. 1-1/2 is to small to go around the inner pipe.

Now I am in the second chamber and bent the tip of the next baffle over with all the pounding I did on the first.

Not sure where to go from here lol.
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By the soot on those baffles , your motor was running rich as hell. You might want to see what your air filters look like.
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Anyone know if I can cut that second wall right out with a 3 inch hole saw? Or what next?
Might as well give it a shot, it's not going to come out with what you used before. When I did mine I just went down inside the pipe with a 1 1/4 or 1 3/8, don't remember which, and cut out the baffles inside the pipes. I did what you did with the large and small hole saws on my wife's C50, as the baffles are made differently.
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