2007 M109 LE
40k miles
Have paid local Suzuki dealer to do all maintenance and upkeep. Last thing done to it mechanically was a new clutch cable.
I have the solo cowling for the bike, as well as the rider seat. The bag tray in the back and the bag shown in the pictures.
The previous owner put some Blue LED running lights on it, I changed out the front turn signals for the alternating amber/white LED's, and put a new LED tail light on that changes to amber when turning on one side. It does have the resistor on so the LED's don't flash too fast.
I also put a louder horn on it.
I sent the seat off to NC, I think it's called Mean Cycles and had double stuff put in driver and rider seat, and rider seat was widened as well.
Previous owner also put extended risers on it, and I am pretty sure I still have the originals.
The previous owner was an older guy like me and he bought it in Ohio.
I'm not in my 20's any longer, and not a hard rider. I've not stressed it by any means and was thinking of putting the 5 plate clutch kit on it and a better seat, when I bought the GW.

I don't work on them, so if some of this info leaves questions or sounds off, just ask I'll try to explain what I'm talking about. I traded a bass boat for this bike a few years ago and my wife and I have enjoyed a couple of really great seasons riding it. But as I've gotten older and we ride longer and longer, we started looking for a more comfortable fit for us. I bought a GW and that's all we ride anymore, so no need to have this sitting around. I rode it a few months ago while the Wing was in the shop for maintenance, but now it needs tires, and I just don't see any reason to put rubber on it to ride a couple of times a year, not to mention insurance.
I have a lot more pics if you're interested, but the system limited me to the three I posted.
I will be glad to answer any questions. And knowing that it needs rubber, make me an offer. Cash talks.