Time to sell my 109! Have had it since it was new. Had dealer service contract for oil changes so air filters and spark plugs were changed according to owners manual. Haven't had one problem out of it. On it's third battery, odyssey. Have both factory seats and both gel seats. Dunlop E3s front and rear. Rear is a 250. Haven't changed much just cut off the rear plate mount and put a side mount everything else is factory. Has a little over 19K miles. Gets 40 mpg when I take it to work. Has a garmin zumo mounted to handle bars, will probably let that go with it. I dropped it the first day I had it. Fixed everything except for a small dent on the side of tank. Left it as a battle scar! Its been a great bike but I hardly get to ride anymore. I work as a mobile heavy equipment mechanic so I'm on the road a lot in a large service truck and end up coming home in the service truck often. I work 6 days a week and don't want the bike sitting at the shop for days so I leave it home.