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As you know, 60' times are 95% rider.  Though heavy, know that you've got more than enough power and wheelbase to put the smack down on a sportbike who's not up to par!! I posted before about spinning the tire, but WARNING, once heated, you will not spin, YOU WILL WHEELIE!!! I launched at about 3800 letting the clutch out perfect almost through 1st gear then let the last bit out a little too quick-resulting in the 109R wheeling for the last part of 1st gear. And I was half a bike ahead!! To say the least, Respect wasn't given, IT WAS TAKEN! :evil:Â

Admittedly, once in 2nd, the laws of physics will prevail: lighter zx12, lowered front and rear, extended swing arm, 195 HP stroked motor without the bottle, c'mon, I'm not a magician. Plus my 109 had 2 people on it, considering my weight 350. However, here's what by buddy on the ZX was like :eek:.

NUFF Said!!!
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