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Sunday, A friend stopped by on his 2006 100", 6 speed, Victory for a ride.  We decided to go to a place in Alton IL. This is about 15-20 miles and where they have $.99 hamburgers & $1.98 steak  kabobs.  Real popular place with lots of people and special parking area for motorcycles only.

I no sooner got off my bike after parking and a guy approached me all excited!  It was both of our first M109R sightings! He (From Granite City Ill) had the slower color silver and of course My ride is the faster Black. :joke:

Once we left Fast Eddies, My friend & I rode down the great river road (Route 100) which parallels the Mississippi river. Always a great ride. we stopped at Per Margette for a restroom stop and doubled back a couple miles to the Brussels Ferry. This carried us across the Mississippi river back to Missouri.  12 miles later we took the Golden Eagle ferry across the Missouri river (The ferries hold approximately 12 cars).

I can tell you besides riding the ferries which is always fun, the scenery between the two ferries is breath taking. I should have brought my camera & will next time!.

Another 20-30 miles and I was home from a great ride and my first 109 on the street sighting! :bigthumbsup: :beer3: :beer2: :clap2: :doorag:

By the way, no, neither of us raced each other. My buddy did hammer it (Top gear roll on) arround some traffic once but I was with him all the way and could have passed him if I wanted to!
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