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  1. 4-Sale by Owner and WTB
    Like New! I bought this windshield and decided to spring for the Corbin instead. Costs $289 new! Hardware and instructions still in package! Serious inquiries only! No Cashier Check scams PLEASE! See it on Craig's List! https://atlanta.craigslist.org/atl/mpo/6713381227.html
  2. General MC Board
    Hi guys! Long read ahead... It has been a while since I last posted something here, and I figured I would share my thoughts with you after a long ass ride with the 9. I had the motorcycle in Florida for the winter after I moved to Boston last September. With the good weather a friend and I...
  3. 4-Sale by Owner and WTB
    ***SOLD***FS : Memphis Shades Hellcat Windshield **SOLD** Had a deal worked out with a new member here last week but did not receive payment and he's gone radio silent. Windshield is packaged up in original packaging and ready for shipment, first hundred bucks get's it. You pay shipping...
  4. M109R Shop Talk
    I have opted for a Rivco 2" riser to make it easier on my back and arms. I need a ferring/windshield which would work with this as the original one I had no longer fits on it. I am 5'3"so I needed to make it easier.
  5. General MC Board
    I would like if anyone had some input on a windshield for my M109R . I was looking at the National Cycle V-Stream Touring 10" high windshield with light-tint because it still lets the front shape of the bike show and that's one cool front on that bike ! Or have any of you have this V-Stream by...
  6. General MC Board
    I was wondering if anyone has ever used any of the MRA windscreens available: https://www.mrashop.de/erp/catalog/navigation/catalogNavigation.action?selher=(160,18,0)&modell=(2917,19,0)&kgetforms=1&tableNavigations.CATALOG_NAVIGATION_PRODUCT_TABLE_NAVIGATION_KEY.offset=0 I'm starting to see...
  7. M109R Shop Talk
    Just wonder about windshields for the M109; I am looking at the spitfire model and was wondering if anyone has this style and their thoughts. What type of windshield would you recommend, or do you currently use?? All input appreciated.
  8. C109Riders
    I have a barely used (less than 400 miles) 21" Memphis Fats shield in "Solar" and quick release mounting kit to fit a C109R. Combined they cost me over $260. I will sell for $150 OBO, plus actual shipping. Pictured is the shield on my bike, I just mounted a stock Suzuki shield and no longer...
  9. C109Riders
    I was asked to post some pictures of my Memphis Fats windscreen. I haven't been able to wash the bike in a while so please ignore the bug guts. :redfaced: This is the 21" Memphis Fats in the DOT Solar (slightly tinted). The chrome/polish on the hardware was not so great (drip stains?). I'm 6'4"...
  10. General MC Board
    I just completed a 1450 mile trip from Orange County California through the National Parks of Southern Utah and back. The 9 performed flawlessly from Death Valley below sea level to Cedar Breaks national monument at 10,600 feet above sea level. My riding partner was my brother in law with a...
1-10 of 18 Results