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  1. M90-Riders
    Hey all! I am looking to throw on some 109r rims on my m90. I know the rear will fit, but is there any fix to the front rotor/caliper mixup? Has anyone found spacers that work? Please help!
  2. 109 Pictures and Videos
    All i've seen on 109's is either standard black, or standard silver/chrome. Do you have a different colour?
  3. M109R Shop Talk
    First off I want to say this forum is awesome. So much great information from so many valid sources! On to my question. I am going to have my rims powder coated (wet) black I believe..Maybe satin. Haven't decided yet. I am going to be removing the wheels myself and having the local bike shop...
  4. General MC Board
    So last month when I head my dealer mount my new tires aparently I need to check their work before I ride off, because they scratched my rear rim on the exhaust side in 3 diff places. Two small ones and one about 3 or 4 inches long. Now they offered me some choices. They said they could give me...
  5. New England
    Guys, selling my used stock wheels, will sell it separate or together, $400.00 or OBO p/set +shipping, prefer paypal.My zip is 01440. They do have some nicks/scratches after all they are used otherwise they are in very good condition. If you are going to use the tires then front tire has barely...
  6. 109 Pictures and Videos
    After all the questions and all your answers... The bike should be done this week. Here's a few pics of my mods. I'll have better pics when I get the bike back & I get her all cleaned up and polished, she's looking kinda dirty right now :D My friend Damaso taking her to the shop She will be...
1-6 of 10 Results