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  1. M109R Shop Talk
    Hey guys and gals, I'm looking at buying a TRE to smooth out the jerky throttle for my new 9 and was curious if ya'll have any suggestions for a good, affordable TRE unit ? And now my tech question... If I install a TRE, will my gear indicator still show the correct gear when in gears 1-3, or...
  2. M109R Shop Talk
    Hi Everyone, I am fairly new to working on the bike and one of the mods I have seen many do is a tre or xtre. So I purchased a healtech xtre and attempted the install myself. I think I have all the correct wires spliced and connected as well as the GPS plug connected correctly but when I stand...
  3. C109Riders
    Sorry for starting another TRE thread. I have an 08 C109R. After reading many of your posts, bought a TRE from a very reputable vendor. It's plugged in correctly and it emulates 4th gear. No difference with or without it. I am so disappointed. Why do some TREs emulate 5th gear and some...
  4. M109R Shop Talk
    I happened to have the TRE off, and noticed that the sideburner was much much louder (whether during acceleration or cruising) in gears 1-3, compared to gears 4-5 (at same RPM). So this morning I put the TRE back on, and the sideburner is significantly quieter in 1-3 gears... Neighbours should...
  5. M109R Shop Talk
    Just got a TRE and wanted to go ahead and install but from my brief searches on the forum I cannot seem to find any installation instructions. Can someone please point me in the right direction?
  6. General MC Board
    I have read numerouse stories from people who have ordered a Smart TRE from adaptive performance and waited weeeks without getting the product and no one would respond to messages, wrong contact info etc.... I ordered one last week and became concerned. I went onto their website and used the...
1-6 of 6 Results