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  1. M109R Shop Talk
    This is directed towards those of you with trailers. What track system are you using, and do you have a link to the site? What track accessories did you buy, and how are they working out? For those of you who mounted the spare tire inside, what mount are you using? What did you do about the...
  2. M109R Shop Talk
    Just brought my 9 from NY to St Louis via trailer. About 5 hours of the ride it pours. The 9 was on the back of the trailer the whole ride. About 7 hours before the rain and 6 hours after the rain. I have aftermarket K&N Air Intakes. The bike started rough & would stall when left to idle. Black...
  3. General MC Board
    Just thought I'd make those of you who haven't seen or heard of what we currently have in development, aware of it. Although the trailer featured in the few clips below is an original single wheeled trailer that was manufactured in New Zealand back in 2005, those that we are on the verge of...
  4. General MC Board
    I'm yet to see a Uni-Go on an M109R, so I'm wondering if any of you guys have...or are towing one now. Here's a pic, so you know what I'm talking about: http://www.dualsporttouring.com/VFR_Unigo3and4.jpg http://robertmoseley.netfirms.com/img/VB_HD_UNIGO.jpg...
1-4 of 5 Results