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  1. Australian
    Hi a;;, Looking to put a METZ 160/60 R18 on front with 260/40 R18 on rear. Is this legal in Oz ?? Any info appreciated. TIA
  2. General MC Board
    Ok so i have come to the deduction that i want to put a 250 or 260 on my 2015 m109 because i hear about having to take multiple things off when the you have a flat with a 280 or better tire in the rear. the question i have is what are the best tires? Metzeler? Dunlop? Other? Also what is a...
  3. General MC Board
    Newbie M109 owner here: There's so much new and old info on the forums about different tires & combinations etc I'm a little confused. I dont like the std Dunlop Sportmax tires on my 2014 BOSS (3k miles). I dont mind replacing tires more often for good quality tires & predictable roll in &...
  4. M109R Shop Talk
    ok guys help me out here. I purchased a 240\40\R18 for my rear tire about 3,000 miles ago. now i see a lot of wear already it is in fact past the wear bars. what can i do to get better tread life. I do not ride wild, so i can not see why they are wearing down so fast. Or is this just normal?
  5. California
    Hey guys, Do you know a good shop around north san-jose that can help me with putting new tires on my 2008 m109R and do a general check on the bike.... Best! Hossam Ahmed
  6. M109R Shop Talk
    I barely post here usually because I can find everything by searching! But I have to inquire a bit more about the preferred tires on the M109R. I guess my riding style is a bit more aggressive and i find myself cornering and pushing the bike to lean in sharp turns. However, every now and then...
  7. C109Riders
    Will Dunlop Elite 3 250/40VR18(DUN-408099) fit my 2008 C109R? Thanks
  8. General MC Board
    So last month when I head my dealer mount my new tires aparently I need to check their work before I ride off, because they scratched my rear rim on the exhaust side in 3 diff places. Two small ones and one about 3 or 4 inches long. Now they offered me some choices. They said they could give me...
  9. New England
    Guys, selling my used stock wheels, will sell it separate or together, $400.00 or OBO p/set +shipping, prefer paypal.My zip is 01440. They do have some nicks/scratches after all they are used otherwise they are in very good condition. If you are going to use the tires then front tire has barely...
  10. General MC Board
    I just completed a 1450 mile trip from Orange County California through the National Parks of Southern Utah and back. The 9 performed flawlessly from Death Valley below sea level to Cedar Breaks national monument at 10,600 feet above sea level. My riding partner was my brother in law with a...
1-10 of 13 Results