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  1. OEM 240

    Worn to the cords
  2. General MC Board
    Any thoughts on D251 150/60-18? Never had a problem with the 130's handling just time to replace it. I don't want to run a 160 but want something that has a little more road contact and fills the fender a bit more. I have a 250 elite3 on the back. Thanks for your opinions.
  3. M109R Shop Talk
    Just got my 160 front tire.... what PSI should I be running on the 160? I have the 260 on the rear at 42 psi...
  4. M109R Shop Talk
    First, is this the one for our bike? 250/40VR18 Avon AV72 Cobra Touring Rear Tire-4700016 / 90000001158 I found this for $220.88 shipped. I verified that it is the radial, but I also thought the tire most ran was the Venom. Can anyone confirm this to be the right tire, and, can anyone...
  5. M109R Shop Talk
    My bike has a 260/40R instead of the standard 240/40R. Can anyone tell me how this affects the spedometer accuracy? Seems like I'm getting passed a lot while cruising at the posted speed limits. Thanks.
  6. M109R Shop Talk
    I am looking forward to learn how to do the rear tire myself and save a bundle! My question is if there is a video or thread out there with pics and a step by step to follow? Do you need a special tool to do this? Now my bike is new and still under warranty, by doing this myself will it void...
  7. M109R Shop Talk
    When my bike is cold and the clutch is engaged the rear tire skips. The clutch was completely disassembled 600 miles ago and was reinstalled precisely to suzuki spec. There were two major adjustments made. Need help. Sorry for the upside down video. I can retake if necessary. Thanks in...
  8. M109R Shop Talk
    whats the biggest rear tire i can put on my stock 109,without doing any work done to the rear?
1-8 of 9 Results