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  1. New Member Introductions
    i recently purchased my dream cruiser. the muscle of bikes. '07 M109R i look forward to being active Josh aka Hebrew Hammer aka Jstylesmiller
  2. Texas
    I am being re-stationed at Fort Hood and am trying to ensure the bike is in compliance. What is the Tag placement law currently in effect in Texas? Any other equipment restrictions out there? I know it changes regularly and thought it would be good to start an up to date thread for this forum...
  3. Texas
    Hey there, Can someone suggest a good mechanic here in town?
  4. C109Riders
    Hi guys I'm Doug from Houston TX just got my c109r on 5/13/11 from Florida. I've never road a bike before but I've wanted one for years. i got my class to learn how to ride this Thurs and wanted to know any tips tricks just basic info, also if and of you riders live in the cypress area wanna...
1-4 of 6 Results