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  1. General MC Board
    I'm new to the site, and a new owner of a white 07, wanted a swingarm plate relocator, but wasn't sure if it's illegal or not. I know we're not allowed to have them in the Military, but wondered about the Civilian world. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. General MC Board
    Poor man's 300 project- Completed w/pics With my last mod for the winter, I am taking the plunge and modifying the rear to put a 300MM tire on. Found a local fabricator that's widening my rim to 10 inches and notching out my swingarm to make room for MAX tire. I saw that RAW DESIGNS does it in...
  3. General MC Board
    For some reason we have sold more 300 swingarms in the last two months than we had sold since we built them. I have been answering a lot of questions and I thought I would put some of the data together in one place to help people see what is involved. Here are the links...
1-3 of 3 Results