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  1. M109R Shop Talk
    Trying to see if anyone else on here has swapped out for some straight risers? If they had where they got them how they work. Want to change mine out for 8 to 10 in straight risers. Long arms curved back risers take my elbows hurt. Thanks for any help
  2. M109R Shop Talk
    So after a lot of reading, everyone (mostly) suggests getting new longer cables for risers. I'm planning on getting a new set of cables, but is this everything I need to replace to put on new risers? 1 Pull cable 1 Push cable 1 Clutch cable 1 Brake 3 line kit with bolts like factory setup. Is...
  3. New Member Introductions
    I’m new to this forum so bear with me if this has already been asked and answered. i am looking to get some handlebar risers for my bike to extend the bar and make it easier for me to reach since I’m only 5’8 and looking for suggestions and websites. thank you
  4. M109R Shop Talk
    I want to get 2" risers installed. I read all the posts here over the past few days and it seems that some people will tell you that you need new cables and others will say you can reroute. What I noticed is that the bikes are all different and I assume the cable lengths changed depending on...
  5. M109R Shop Talk
    Hello all, New to the site as I was referred by someone at the Beaverton Or Suzuki shop. Anyway, I am looking for some bar risers for my 9. Have seen some on ebay but am wondering if those are just pullbacks. Any advice is much appreciated.
  6. General MC Board
    R.I.S. Designs: M109 NEW "FLAT CRUSH TUBE" HANDLEBARS - PICS INSTALLED & PRICE Ok.. First off I want to thank Fishrocks17for coming down, taking time away from his day and letting us borrow his 9 to install the bars and fix any mistakes we might of had.. 1. Well bars installed nice and easy...
  7. General MC Board
    Been getting emails from everyone waiting to see these bars.. Well here it is.. Please give us your input.. They will be ready for shipment in 2 weeks or so. Handlebars like these have yet to be done in the Cruiser or Harley Davidson industry. We make Ape Handlebars Full Crush Tube for the HD...
  8. M109R Shop Talk
    Hey guys, First post for this fresh 109 owner. Love the bike, but I'm a bit short (5'8, on a good day) and would like to pull the bars back a little bit to help me keep better posture for longer rides. Not sure if I would be okay with just bolting on a 1-2 inch riser block, or if I should be...
1-8 of 24 Results