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  1. 4-Sale by Owner and WTB
    Want to sell the following OEM RIMS Silver - Tires not included, No miles, swapped when purchased bike new, buy both for 300.00 plus shipping OEM RIM Front - 150.00 OEM RIM Rear - 250.00 OEM Exhaust - No miles, swapped when purchased new - 125.00 OEM Fuel Tank - Small dent from shipment -...
  2. General MC Board
    OK I just had my rims chromed about a month or so ago. I went to wash the bike today and it flaked off the front rime. I know "What you are thinking what the hell where you using?" It was just a garden hose with a spray attachment! I'll deal with the shop that sent my rims to be chromed but...
1-2 of 5 Results