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  1. General MC Board
    For anyone interested... I couldn't find a Google Maps version of The Gauntlet in North Georgia, so I created one. Since I spent the time to put the turn-by-turn together based on the map on that website, I figured I'd share with the group. Here is the Google Maps link that you can use for...
  2. Australian
    We Australians are fewer in numbers than our American Mates on this site but that aside I'd like to sugest a ride so some of us could meet up... I live in Wellington, not too far from Dubbo. Wellington is about 370 ks from Sydney, aound 4.5 hours ride, a comfortable half day trip... What I...
  3. Virginia
    This is a great poker run. $500 best hand guarenteed. food music, etc.Its for the local drug and drinking recovery called New Life. they need to expand cause of all the patients they have on waiting that needs to start a new clean/sober life especially all the college and teens around here. It...
1-3 of 3 Results