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  1. Missouri
    Tomorrow will be clear & dry across the state; best day for riding this weekend !! Anyone else riding ? I'll meet in near your neck of the woods and we can explore the road. Have a '07 M109 & '02 Hayabusa. Will ride either one to meet up. I'm in Springfield MO.
  2. Texas
    Possibly meet up in Spring and do a ride up to Lake Conroe. Lets see how many people join up for this. Stay tuned for updates on the logistics.
  3. MC Events
    On February 22nd, the Red Iron MC is hosting their second annual Red Iron Ride For The Children. The poker run is raising money for the AZ Burn Foundation's youth programs and has numerous opportunities to win prizes and cash through the 50/50 raffle, a traditional raffle, auctions, and the...
  4. Australian
    testing the water, to see if there is interest amongst the SEQ group for a ride on the Sunday of the 2013 Australia Day Weekend. I will also be contacting a few people from the CCC and OZ Bouleverd clan in the area to try and get a reasonable group together. I am thinking about a meet at the...
  5. 109 Pictures and Videos
    Re-routed to tri-cities due to thunderous rainstorms in the North.:yikes:
  6. Australian
    We Australians are fewer in numbers than our American Mates on this site but that aside I'd like to sugest a ride so some of us could meet up... I live in Wellington, not too far from Dubbo. Wellington is about 370 ks from Sydney, aound 4.5 hours ride, a comfortable half day trip... What I...
  7. MC Events
    Are there any NJ riders that want to do a meet and ride? I dont care where in NJ just a central location for the ones that want to show. I would like to set a date as well when its noy pissing out lol. Hit me up with some ideas that you guys/gals might have. Looking forwark to meeting...
1-7 of 7 Results