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  1. M109R Shop Talk
    Hi Everyone, I am new to the forum, but have been reading posts for the past month or so since I bought my 06 M109R. I absolutely love the bike, and got it used as a steal, but there are some issues I have been having that I hope someone may have experienced (and solved). The rear cylinder is...
  2. M90-Riders
    Just got one of these today and was curious if you can mess with AFR with them I literally cant find anything on using the program aside from a little fuel map adjustment. I want to try to get my AFR in a good range considering I'm running Cobra Swepts without baffles and no fuel adjustment...
  3. General MC Board
    I just came back from the second weekend of the Sturgis bike rally in S.D. :doorag: For those of you that have been there, well you know what been there done that says about this experience. unbeleivable!:bigthumbsup: While out there I did a 8 mile circuit on a Boss Hoss road test bike, it was...
1-3 of 3 Results