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  1. M90-Riders
    Hi everyone, Picking up a 2010 m90 soon and in process of grabbing an exhaust for it. The exhaust I'm looking at doesn't have a cutouts for the o2 sensor, therefore I'll have to use a o2 eliminator. However would I also need a power commander and auto tune module? Or is stock ecu good enough to...
  2. M90-Riders
    Just got one of these today and was curious if you can mess with AFR with them I literally cant find anything on using the program aside from a little fuel map adjustment. I want to try to get my AFR in a good range considering I'm running Cobra Swepts without baffles and no fuel adjustment...
  3. M109R Shop Talk
    I have an 07 nine and was curious if you can use the PCV on it or should I get a PCIII for an awesome price?8)
  4. M109R Shop Talk
    I installed an fi2000 cobra power pro with my cobra sweets and noticed a power difference in the high rpm while in 2-3 gear. I want more and I'm wondering if you can install a power commander with the power pro? Off the hop the fi2000 didnt blow my mind but on the highway I grin. Mind you, I...
  5. M109R Shop Talk
    I am looking for a Power Commander 3 map from anyone that might have a similar setup as mine. I am running V&H big shots (no baffles) and Arlen Ness Sucker big air kit. I appreciate any help I can get. Thanks!!
  6. M109R Shop Talk
    I'm looking to install new pipes on my 9. I'm planning on getting a fuel management componet put on but don't have a clue of what to choose. So what do you guys have or recommend? Trying to get the best HP and fuel economy as I can.
  7. General MC Board
    Hey guys, Yesterday while messing around with my PCIII, I noticed that it was loaded with the map "*Advanced Map* Hacker 2:1 stepped exhaust, Stock airbox and filter, Fuel table 1 is front cylinder". My 9 has a Cobra Speedster Slashdown exhaust system. I was wondering if it's better if I load...
  8. General MC Board
    Guys, My new bike came with a PCIII USB but without the 9V battery adapter. Stupidly enough, I thought I could update the firmware while it was connected to the motorcycle power (without 9V Power), and I tried updating the firmware that wy...Now the PCIII is in a state of limbo, the bike won't...
  9. M109R Shop Talk
    Does anyone here have a Raw Shorty exhaust, Big Air intakes, and Power Commander III that would be willing to send me a map for the Power Commander? Thanks in advance!
  10. M109R Shop Talk
    Does anyone have a Dynojet PCIII Mapping for Hard Krome Sideburner and Arlen Ness Big Sucker? If not, do you have one for the same pipes but a different performance intake?
  11. M109R Shop Talk
    I'm looking for a map to use until I get my exhaust and get the bike Dyno'd. I'm 295 feet above sea level, Tony Mod, K&Ns, JSD3M, Power Commander, 2008 debaffled and drilled exhaust. Also, does anyone know the elevation where WA109 originated? (Can be determined by address using...
1-11 of 15 Results