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  1. M90-Riders
    I have searched a bit and it seems there is not much info in regards to the 2016, I see a few threads in regards to 2013, 2009, etc... So, I just recently got merged into by an idiot tourist here in Orlando, borked my exhaust, brake lever, and peg. So, I need to replace them. I am curious what...
  2. 4-Sale by Owner and WTB
    i'm selling my stock Exhaust because I have a new one . this pipe sounds good , I have drilled the back plate with 5/16 hole and the center plates with a 3/4 inch hole saw . I'm asking $150 buyer pays shipping . Payment by Paypal as gift . there are some spots on the pipes they are pictured here
  3. M109R Shop Talk
    Hi Everyone, Newbie here. I am late to the game but bought a brand new leftover 2014 BOSS a few weeks ago!!! Sorry about yet another exhaust question. I have looked through many many posts here about pipes but can't seem to get the answer I am looking for. Is there an aftermarket exhaust that...
  4. M109R Shop Talk
    bought a 9, the previous owner lowered the bike not sure how much. But I am grinding away my pipes on the flat spot by my heal. almost dumped because it picked up the real wheel in the corner. If anyone lowers be careful of how you corner if you like to be aggressive in the corners. I am looking...
  5. 4-Sale by Owner and WTB
    Original pipes from an '08 C. About 30,000 very kind miles on them. Anybody want to get these out of my garage? My wife would consider it a personal favor. If interested I can include some pics of their pristine condition.
  6. C109Riders
    I am ready to make sure I can be heard when I pull up beside a car on the Interstate. Time to get rid of these factory pipes!! Before my "C", I had a "M" with Cobra Dragsters. I would like to hear what others would recommend and why. Also, I had rather not have to put a "Commander" (or...
  7. General MC Board
    Hey guys I am going to make my own exhaust tips for my bike before Sturgis. I just have one question. If anyone has the stock exhaust off their bike can you tell me what size the pipes are. Im talking about where the canister is welded on at the factory. Not the pipe thats covered with the heat...
  8. M109R Shop Talk
    Newbie here with a question.... First of all I hope this is in the correct forum, if not I apologize in advance. But here goes... I am looking to replace my stock pipes with some new deeper, louder sounding ones, but they have to "look good also". (I know, doesn't everyone) However, I did find...
1-9 of 12 Results