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  1. General MC Board
    Today was my local dealer's open house. There were free dyno races ($5 for a printout.) They said it would be canceled if there was rain, so I got there early to beat the rain (which never came anyway.) I was first in line. A few guys asked what I was "shooting for" and I said that I...
  2. Pennsylvania
    I wonder if there's a new 9 rider here from South-Central PA. I saw him on an orange 9 twice. The 1st time, at a traffic light at Rt 30 near Action Motorsports in York. (I waited and you just blew past!) The second time was on Rt 441. Introduce yourself if you're here!
  3. General MC Board
    FFSF 2009 "World's Largest Poker Run" Coatesville PA or MD? Is anyone going on Saturday? I would enjoy going with some others. I live just about centered between York, Harrisburg, and Lancaster. Where's everyone going to be? http://www.redknightsmc.com/events.htm...
1-3 of 3 Results