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  1. M109R Shop Talk
    Hey everyone! You all have been so helpful since I joined. So, I thought I'd seek some more. I'm looking for a way to put something directly below the driver seat so I can stand up. Not for stunts or other forms of stupidity. During long rides my hips or ass or basically anything below the...
  2. M109R Shop Talk
    I recently purchased a 2014 M109 BOSS and now I'm looking for an exhaust system to improve the sound. I'm not looking for something that you can hear 5 miles away bout I would like more bass and more aggressive sound compared to the stock pipes. Any suggestions? I live in the Nashville, TN area...
  3. General MC Board
    My question to you guys who have the Kuryakyn Switchblades is.....do they really provide THAT different of a riding position? I am thinking of buying some new pegs and putting them on for my 5 hour trip to the 2013 MAM and I want to know if they are really worth the money. When I first saw these...
  4. General MC Board
    So I've been looking online and searching posts, with no luck. Does anyone have matching floorboards for passenger and driver? Or is everyone doing a pot luck thing? Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks!
1-4 of 12 Results