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  1. M109R Shop Talk
    Ok guys, I've used the search and read several threads on rim stripes but I have specific questions. I'm looking to add the reflective orange rim stripes (tape) to my black/orange 2011 LE factory black rims. 1. Has anyone with the black/orange 2011 color combo added these orange reflective rim...
  2. Pennsylvania
    I wonder if there's a new 9 rider here from South-Central PA. I saw him on an orange 9 twice. The 1st time, at a traffic light at Rt 30 near Action Motorsports in York. (I waited and you just blew past!) The second time was on Rt 441. Introduce yourself if you're here!
  3. 109 Pictures and Videos
    sup guys,first just wanted to say thanks to everyone on this board for all the how 2s,and feedback on products.well before we get all mushy :redfaced::joke: here is a video of my new bassani pro street and my HMI edlebrock air kit.before and after...thanks
1-3 of 6 Results