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  1. M109R Shop Talk
    Does anyone have pictures of the OEM Suzuki oil return catch can? I bought the tank and the hoses for my '11 and for the life of me I cannot determine where this thing mounts. It seems the battery holder and wire harness are mostly in the way.
  2. How to, step by step
    Hi All, I have just posted a video of a complete engine tear-down for gearbox repair and oil mod. DON'T DO THE PIN MOD WITHOUT WATCHING THIS!!! you may be making your gearbox suffer.
  3. M109R Shop Talk
    Hello everybody. I'm new to this forum and a new M109R owner. I have to say, I love the bike, but I've never been fond of "idiot lights." The bikes I've owned in the past were either air cooled or water cooled and had a coolant temperature gauge. I was a little bummed that the M109R doesn't have...
  4. M109R Shop Talk
    First of all I hope you all had a wonderful holidays sorrounded by your loved ones. So yeah, is pothole season here :dontknow: in less than 2 months I have lost 2 car tires to them and now a mishap with the bike. I felt on one yesterday, it dented the side of lower frame, but I kept riding...
  5. M109R Shop Talk
    So after 14K mi I guess I am finally dealing with the all to common puking issue. After reading through several threads including the step-by-step one for the can, I think I am ready to tackle this problem. Before I head to the local parts store I was wonder if anyone has a detailed parts list...
  6. M109R Shop Talk
    Hey guys, I'm doing my first service on a '14 109 and after removing the drain plugs I noticed there are t any gaskets as mentioned in the user manual. I dug around in the oil pan to see if they dropped in and couldn't find anything. I don't remember seeing any when I took the plugs out. Are...
  7. M109R Shop Talk
    This is in depth and unbiased. It's probably the best info on motorcycle oil that I have read to date: http://www.calsci.com/motorcycleinfo/Oils1.html
  8. M109R Shop Talk
    In other posts here it is mentioned that the clutch is... oil lubricated. When checking my oil it notes let it warm up for 15 minutes, wait 3 and don't screw in the dip stick to measure oil level. I had my bike in front of the garage, cold. Lit it up put it in gear and slip slip slip into the...
  9. M109R Shop Talk
    Hey fellas, just the other day I noticed oil leaking from my left air box. It was coming out the air holes at the bottom. At the time It hadn't had an oil change since last summer. I took off the air boxes and cleaned all the oil up. I changed the oil (because it was time anyways) and I noticed...
  10. M109R Shop Talk
    It was time to change the oil again and I wasn't looking forward to the "guessing game" that we're all familiar with. I decided I wasn't playing that game any more. This time, I dropped the bottom of the oil pan and the filter and let everything drain good for a couple of hours. Came back and...
  11. M109R Shop Talk
    Motorcycle Oil Technical Facts NEW! - 10W40 Amsoil Motorcycle Oil Test FACTS - Results Here NEW! - 20W50 Amsoil Motorcycle Oil Test FACTS - Results Here Motorcycle crankcase oils are specially formulated for motorcycle applications that have wet clutches. Most automotive oils are not suitable...
1-11 of 11 Results