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  1. General MC Board
    Sup fellas. First off I love this site. Im new to the board and new to bikes Period. I purchased my first bike a 2008 m109 on July 1 2013. I took the BRC and got my endorsement bout 7/8 months ago. Before the course i was looking at the M109 and my first thought was "it looks Different...
  2. General MC Board
    I've been reading this forum for the last couple of months, anticipating the purchase of an M109R. I have been riding the M50 for the last year and decided I wanted to upgrade. I am selling my m50 - so if anybody would like to help with that, here is the Craigslist link. I've just recently...
  3. General MC Board
    I just picked up a Silver 08 m109r with 1800 miles and cant wait for the snow to melt!!! Just wanted to say thanks to all the members!! your site was a huge part of my decision to buy and the forms and pictures moved me away from the harley fat boy that i was pre-approved for. i look forward to...
  4. Pennsylvania
    I wonder if there's a new 9 rider here from South-Central PA. I saw him on an orange 9 twice. The 1st time, at a traffic light at Rt 30 near Action Motorsports in York. (I waited and you just blew past!) The second time was on Rt 441. Introduce yourself if you're here!
1-4 of 5 Results