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  1. General MC Board
    So I'm moving from Arizona to Ohio which is a big temperature difference so I'm selling my mesh jacket and getting a leather one. I plan on either buying at a store or buying from Craigslist, anyone have any recommendations? :bigthumbsup:
  2. The OTE (Off Topic Experiment)
    Don't know if any of you have seen this before but a buddy of mine told me about it and I thought it was pretty neat. Pretty clever video for Icon gear.
  3. M109R Shop Talk
    We are currently in the process of re-vamping our website at http://www.cosmicleds.com to include pages specifically for your motorcycle that will include special pricing on items. Keep an eye out for changes to our website. We have been in business since January of 2002. We offer magical...
1-3 of 4 Results