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  1. How to, step by step
    Hi All, I have just posted a video of a complete engine tear-down for gearbox repair and oil mod. DON'T DO THE PIN MOD WITHOUT WATCHING THIS!!! you may be making your gearbox suffer.
  2. M109R Shop Talk
    Hi. I'm looking at upgrading my 07 with a Revo Hyper Clutch. Has anyone else done the mod or seen anything online? https://www.revo-cycles.com/shop/revo-suzuki-oem-hyper-clutch-kit/
  3. M109R Shop Talk
    Hi all. Had a thought today that instead of a shorty mod, maybe it'd be practical to just chop the end off the cans? I'd bet there's a reason this hasn't been, done though.... Example I guess depending where in each can the baffles are, could we not just chop the end off each, tidy it up...
  4. M109R Shop Talk
    2007, 17,XXX miles, FI2000R, pipes, TRE. I've been experiencing the shudder when accelerating from a stop for the past 2 years or so. Doesn't happen all the time, so I have basically been ignoring it. It is much worse on cold days and immediately after starting the bike. Ok, so this past...
  5. General MC Board
    What up guys! I want to see what kind of input I can get on this topic. I am a 6'4" guy and love the 9 only problem like many of you might know is my seating position, my back leans forward and my but goes against the curve of that seat putting pressure on my lower back ( not to mention my...
  6. General MC Board
    Hello 9ers! So I am a 6'4" guy who is looking for the perfect mod on my driver seat so I can get more leg room. (right now feeling like a monkey on a football) So I just wanted to see what are your ideas on this!!!
  7. Australian
    Hi Guys, I've been visiting this site for a couple of months now and you guys got me hooked on the 9!!! Thanks! SOOO, since Thursday, I'm the proud new owner of a Beautiful Black Beast!:D I got it from A1 Motorcycles in Brighton (nice guys all round.) Only problem is that I'm a complete newbie...
1-7 of 8 Results