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  1. M109R Shop Talk
    I am looking for a new exhaust and came across a seller who has a custom exhaust but it came off a C109. According to him it fits the m109 model, but i want to confirm this before driving 300km to get it. Can anyone help me out? I cant find this information anywhere where i searched.
  2. M109R Shop Talk
    So I'm about to purchase a 2014 m109r boss but I really like the blacked out c90t boss style, is it possible to fit the headlight and front fender of the c90t boss on the m109r boss and then get a custom rear fender?
  3. 4-Sale by Owner and WTB
    FS: 2006 M109r This bike has a new Corbin fairing ($1,500), new fork seals, new clutch, a recent oil change (fully synthetic), new tires, new brakes, custom made seats with closed cell foam technology for ultimate comfort… grips, floor boards, cell phone mount, and more! I'm a veteran...
  4. M109R Shop Talk
    Later this week, I will be picking up my '15 M109. I have already called around today and tried to find aftermarket exhaust, but I am hitting walls everywhere I look. Websites such as Cobra and Hard Krome only show listings until 2014, but nothing newer. What is the difference between the...
  5. M109R Shop Talk
    My mechanic husband is outside pulling his hair out which is really hard to do considering he's bald...BIG PROBLEM IS..he is installing a power commander on a customers M109 ..I watched a YouTube and the guy gets to the end and says "make sure the boots go securely over the throttle bodies as it...
  6. M109R Shop Talk
    I've started noticing a hesitation at lower speed in the 1st and 2nd gear. Feels like its going to stall. It gets really bad when coming out of the corners. I've got a TRE, Power commander, stock pipe and intakes (with the goldwing mod). I've tried changing the fuel (though it was bad gas)...
  7. General MC Board
    Makes the wife want her own motorcycle. Whats a guy to do? Yup, keep mama happy!
  8. M109R Shop Talk
    Help!! My M109 Actuator Assy, Exhaust control has gotten where it works only sporadically. (if I take a hammer and hit it, I can get it to start up again.) When it stops my F1 light start to show up. I was hoping that perhaps someone here on this site has had a similar problem and found a...
  9. M109R Shop Talk
    Hey all! Looking for some help on where to spend some cash on new pipes for my 9. I live in Ontario, Canada and was just wondering where some other ontario 9ers have been buying exhaust from, be it locally or trust worthy online distributer. I think I would really like to get a set of the...
  10. General MC Board
    Hey if any of you fellow 9 riders are coming to Sturgis this year let me know and we can meet up and ride. I live 35 miles from Sturgis and I know some good rides. PM me and let me know.
  11. 109 Pictures and Videos
    Hi Folks, after the Custombike fair I decidet to put all Images of customized M09's in one Album. It will be updated step by step. enjoy M109 ONLY
  12. M109R Shop Talk
    Newbie here with a question.... First of all I hope this is in the correct forum, if not I apologize in advance. But here goes... I am looking to replace my stock pipes with some new deeper, louder sounding ones, but they have to "look good also". (I know, doesn't everyone) However, I did find...
1-12 of 12 Results