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  1. Arizona
    Gentlemen, I have a 2008 C109RT and a 2006 M109. Both these bikes at approx 35,000 miles. I had a shifting problem with the M109 so did the pin mod and changed the clutch and added the Evo shift kit. all good. Now come to the C109 and sort of the same symptoms so did the same thing only...
  2. General MC Board
    So I'm moving from Arizona to Ohio which is a big temperature difference so I'm selling my mesh jacket and getting a leather one. I plan on either buying at a store or buying from Craigslist, anyone have any recommendations? :bigthumbsup:
  3. M109R Shop Talk
    Hey guys! Need some ideas/ suggestions. Every time I make a right turn in second gear, when I come out of the "lean" and start to accelerate, shifter suddenly goes to neutral making the rpm skyrocket. Happens only on a right turn and only in second gear. please share your knowledge if u have...
  4. General MC Board
    I have a 2008 nine LE with just 2600 miles on it, i use to ride a CBR600 crockrocket. I love this bike however I'm having some issues coming out of first gear. The front end slides on me and it jerks. This happens about 50% of the time I take off. It seems to clear up once the bike is warm, but...
  5. M109R Shop Talk
    For those who have asked, this one cost me some chrome! Clutch didn't shudder for the first two-thousand miles or so. The day it started, I was starting a cold bike rolling on wet pavement and she broke loose. First layover in 35 years!!! The "shudder" can send wicked torque down that shaft in...
1-5 of 7 Results