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  1. New Zealand
    Hello Kiwis Im a new M109r owner and forum poster. I own an 08 Bull. I was wondering if anybody has done the tail tidy mod on thier Bull and if so what did they do about the reflector requirment for a warrant.
  2. 109 Pictures and Videos
    I gave my M109R a face lift with a new front fender from Low and Mean and chrome chin scoop from Meancycles. Had he fender painted at Cyclefinish in Redwood City, Ca. http://www.cyclefinish.net/ http://www.lowandmean.com/ http://www.meancycles.com/
  3. M109R Shop Talk
    I just got this beautiful 2007, and the previous owner installed a sissy bar, which I'm eager to remove. However, I can't find the specifications about the 4 original screws in the back of the bike, right below the rear seat. They were replaced with the screws that handle the sissy bar, the...
  4. Texas
    Starting off with some new mods.... Need stock front fender (in black) and clean, unscratched stock exhaust for 2007 Boulevard.... PM me with your price...Thanks
  5. General MC Board
    The Ducks mods is taken to the next level. I have been toying with the idea and have had several people ask if I would be willing to cut designs into the fenders. I got a used scratched front fender from Hink. Finally got around to cutting it out. I wanted to do something that looked tasteful...
1-5 of 9 Results