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  1. C109Riders
    I have a Tsukayu 6*9 fairing for my C109, now I only need mounting brackets that actually fit. You guys now where i could buy some? Excluding Tsukayu, those aren't strong enough.
  2. M109R Shop Talk
    Hello. Can anyone help provide the part number of the plastic rivets or fasteners that secure side fairings. Located under driver seat forward of battery on either side? Thank you!
  3. M109R Shop Talk
    I just bought an M109 and want to get a full fairing for the front. I have looked at several, and found that I liked the Corbin best... but dang, that thing is costly! What are your favorite fairings, and what is the best deal for a nice one!?!?
  4. General MC Board
    Hi Everyone, I sold my 2008 M109R2 a couple of years back and I regretted it as soon as I watched it go out the door. The only reason I sold it was to purchase a Sport Touring bike for more comfort on longer trips. That didn't work very well and I decided it was time to go back. I was very...
1-4 of 5 Results