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  1. C109Riders
    Saturday, March 25. I loved that bike. 2008 c109rt. Bully controller, custom air covers, K and N gman air cleaners, great pipes - this baby hopped. But you guys know what that feels like. What I hope you don't know is what it feels like to be stopped in traffic and have a lady in a...
  2. C109Riders
    Anyone needing a Suzuki Vlr1800 (Boulevard C109r) 2008-2011 Service Manual then message me and i will email to you
  3. C109Riders
    I like the C109, I really do. But I was thinking , wouldn't be nice to have foot pegs instead of running boards, and still keep that classic look. So my Question is, has anybody done this Mod ( Removing Running Boards and replaced with foot pegs ) to the C109. Or any Ideas on how this might be...
  4. C109 Shop Talk
    Just bought a 2008 c109r a week ago. Has always started quickly. Rode it Friday (3 days ago), no problem.This morning, I turned on the key, lights came on, hit the starter and no starter, no relay click, and the lights went out.I know I need to buy a maintenance manual, but in the meantime, can...
  5. C109Riders
    Hi guys, I recently traded my C50T for this C109RT (2010) a couple months ago. The bike came with the pictured cobra exhaust system. The slashed tips are losing their chrome and I've been trying to locate replacement ones. Having so much difficulty trying to fix this problem. Everywhere I look...
  6. C109Riders
    I've thrown away 51kg in the rear end alone. Hand made guards 2mm alloy, radiantz led strip lights for tail light and indicators, Gman riser, Handlebar Company Nelson custom bars, custom exhaust and hand made alloy ram air scoops blowing cold fresh air up to the K&N pods...
  7. C109Riders
    I am selling my 2008 C109 with only 1,600 miles. She's like brand new, never been in the rain and in excellent condition. Additions include: Leather Suzuki saddlebags, black hardkrome pipes, cobra power commander and kuryakyn grips. Someone will get an early Christmas present at $6,500 as I...
  8. 109 Pictures and Videos
    People think that 400 kilos bike can't drive easily in a city. All I can tell about that is "All in your hands". The C is a nice balanced bike. You can drive it fast or slow, drive surely even at less than walk speeds. It don't ask you to run faster angainst your soul. It requires only a few...
  9. C109Riders
    Hi guys I'm Doug from Houston TX just got my c109r on 5/13/11 from Florida. I've never road a bike before but I've wanted one for years. i got my class to learn how to ride this Thurs and wanted to know any tips tricks just basic info, also if and of you riders live in the cypress area wanna...
  10. C109Riders
    where can i get a air sport filters or k&N?????for c109r:dontknow:
  11. 109 Pictures and Videos
    well not really, but have a look anyway!
1-11 of 12 Results